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04 January 2008 @ 11:39 pm
Containment - Weiss Kreuz - R - 4/7  
Title: Containment (4/7)
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: R
Any Warnings: mention of torture, foul language, m/m relationships
Word Count: ~3359 words
Summary: Yohji and Aya are trying to sort out their lives when the unthinkable happens.
Author's Notes: I started this four years ago so pardon the style of some of it. I've changed since then. I finished the last chapter last year then managed to lose the notebook it was in. This thing has been bugging me ever since. Well, it's finished now. And here it is.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

The Porsche glided to a halt inside of the garage. Aya climbed out and strode into the house. He had a purpose. He had to find Yohji.

The entire ride home, he had been on the lookout for the other man. He didn’t think that Yohji would have had enough time to make the long walk back to the Koneko but he didn’t see the man on his way back.

“Aya-kun!” Omi and Aya-chan looked up from their books, Omi nearly bouncing out of his armchair.

“Where’s Yohji?” Aya was impatient. He didn’t want to go upstairs. Something was going on and he had a horrible feeling that it wasn’t good.

“Yohji-kun hasn’t come back yet. I thought the two of you went out to dinner.” Omi gave Aya a curious look.

Aya-chan stood up. “You didn’t say yes.”

Aya looked away and headed for the stairs. It was possible Yohji got around them. He climbed the stairs quickly and pushed open the door to his own room. Empty.

“Ran!” Aya-chan called up the stairs. He could hear her thumping up them.

Yohji’s room was further down the hall. Aya was sure that Yohji should be here and that the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach was just crazy. Yohji would be sitting on his bed with a sketchbook in front of him, fretting over their earlier conversation.

“Ran!” Aya-chan was at the end of the hall.

Aya ignored her and reached for the door. He turned the knob and let the door swing inward. Yohji’s room was full of shadows but no Yohji.

Fear caused Aya’s chest to tighten. He was afraid to lose Yohji. He couldn’t lose Yohji.

“Ran?” Aya-chan slowly approached her brother, touching his shoulder as soon as she reached him. “Where’s Yohji?”

“I-I don’t know. I don’t know.” He left the door open and hurried down the stairs. This wasn’t happening. Yohji had to walk through the door any second. “Omi.”

“Aya-kun?” The boy looked over the back of the couch at him.

“Activate Yohji’s tracer.”

“Why? Did something happen?”

“Just do it.”

Omi shook his head. “The tracers are only to be activated if a member of Weiss is missing.”

“Yohji’s missing. We had a fight and he said he would walk home.”

“Yohji’s probably in a bar somewhere. Try his cellphone.” Omi was giving Aya a look that said that Aya should know what Yohji used to be like.

Aya clenched his teeth and pulled his cellphone out of his pocket. No one had called. He tapped the speed dial for Yohji and held the phone to his ear.

It rang.

Yohji’s voice mail picked up and Aya hit the end button on his phone. Immediately after, Aya hit the send button again. The phone rang and rang but still Yohji didn’t pick it up.

The feeling in Aya’s stomach turned worse, giving Aya a bout of nausea. There were times when Yohji used to go out and he wouldn’t answer his cellphone because he couldn’t hear it or was too busy fucking some body. Since those times, Yohji had changed. He didn’t go out and fuck anything that moved anymore. Yohji had changed. For him. Yohji had changed for Aya.

It hit Aya that he had been very callous earlier. Yohji had changed his way of life for him. He’d given up things that he had been doing since before he joined Weiss. As unhealthy as they were, they had been his habits. Yohji had given them up for him and all Aya could do was take, not give back.

He hit the redial on the cellphone again, wishing for Yohji to pick it up. As his sister and Omi looked on, Aya let his mask fall into place. He didn’t want to be scared like this and most important, he didn’t want them to see him being scared.

The phone continued to ring until it beeped over to Yohji’s voice mail. “Yohji, I didn’t think about what I was saying. I was wrong.” He stopped there and just hung up. Aya hated talking on the telephone because he wasn’t any good at it. He had enough trouble communicating.

“I can’t believe you didn’t say yes,” Aya-chan said to her brother.

Aya turned cold. “What else did you expect me to say? ‘Yes, let’s go play house’?” He shook his head. Everyone knew about the apartment and had thought it was a good idea, except for him.

He started for the stairs, his sister hot on his heels. She was about to give him her thoughts on his decision, he could tell. “Aya.”

The solitary word had Aya-chan remaining at the foot of the stairs as her brother continued up them. He may have wanted to be alone but he needed Yohji.


The first thing he noticed was that the room smelled like fabric softener. Then his mind painfully rebelled at the act of thinking and he couldn’t take notice of anything else until pain subsided.

It took him at least five minutes to clear his head enough to even open his eyes. When he did, Yohji found it dark. He couldn’t see anything, not even any shapes. Puzzling out specifically why he couldn’t see anything was something that started to build a dull ache in his brain.

His whole body felt numb and he found he couldn’t move, save for a slight tilt of his head that did nothing for him. All in all, he felt like shit.

“Let’s get some things straight. You do not belong to yourself anymore. You are not a human being. You are mine. You are whatever I see fit to make you.”

If Yohji could have spoken at that moment, he probably would have insulted the man he couldn’t see. As it was, he couldn’t place a direction to the voice. Fear started to latch on to his muddled senses. He wasn’t going to get out of this. There was no way.

“I don’t recommend trying anything. If you don’t do as I say or if you try to escape, Aya will pay for it.”

If Yohji hadn’t been scared before, he was horrified now. This man was threatening Aya. It was one of Yohji’s worst fears, that Aya would be punished for something he did. He didn’t realize it but he made a low whimpering sound.

“Good. Now, I’m going to name you. You won’t answer to anything else.” The voice stopped for a few seconds but Yohji didn’t seem to care. He was too busy trying to make his brain stop hurting long enough to figure out how the voice knew Aya. “Ryo. You will answer to Ryo from now on.”

Yohji tried to speak, to curse the voice, but all that came out was a noise that sounded remotely like the beginning of ‘bastard’.

“Now, now. I did not say you could speak. Be a good little Ryo and behave. I promise, in a few weeks time you will grow to love it here.” The voice gave a quiet laugh before Yohji heard the sound of a door opening and closing.

The room was silent again and Yohji found himself to be alone. He started into the inky darkness, not knowing what to think or do. The voice had said he wasn’t a person anymore. It had also mentioned threatening Aya if he did not do what was asked of him.

Maybe in a few hours, his head would be clear and he could puzzle over how the hell he was going to get out of this mess. The pain in his head spiked and white flashed behind his eyes. Yohji passed out for the first of what would be many times that week.


“Aya-kun, it’s only been twenty-four hours. Please stop panicking.”

“I’m not panicking.” Aya didn’t think he was panicking. He was showing concern. It wasn’t his fault that Omi didn’t activate Yohji’s tracer when he first asked him hours ago.

“Yes, you are. Pacing and hanging over my shoulder every few minutes is out of character for you. Yohji will be back. You’ll see.”

Aya glared at his teammate. Omi had known Yohji longer than he had but Omi hadn’t known Yohji as intimately as Aya had come to know him. Yohji didn’t go out and disappear any longer. There wasn’t any reason for him to go out and fuck his brains out. He could get that at home. “He won’t this time.”

Omi sighed and waved Aya out of his room. “He will. If he isn’t back tomorrow evening, I’ll activate his tracer. Then, we can go pick him up and out of whatever gutter he fell into this time.”

Clenching his teeth, Aya turned and strode down the hall for Yohji’s room. All of a sudden Omi had started assuming that Yohji was returning to how he used to be just because of a refusal on Aya’s part. Aya knew it wasn’t true. There was something wrong and he was the only one that was even bothering to consider it.

Yohji wasn’t in a bar somewhere. He always kept his cellphone on him when he went out. Before, he would have noticed all the calls unless he had been fucking someone.

Aya clenched his teeth and slammed the door to Yohji’s room behind him. Yohji had until tomorrow until Aya came after him.


“Wake up.”

The words sounded like they were being played in slow motion on a tape recorder.

“Wake up!”

This time, they were accompanied by a sharp slap to his cheek. He jerked, his muscles contracting violently in protest to any movement at all. Yohji groaned feeling like his whole body was cemented in place.

“Ryo. Wake up.”

Yohji’s eyes felt like they were being scraped by sandpaper as he opened his eyes. Darkness again. With a more effort than it should have taken, Yohji raised his head. The muscles in his shoulders and neck screamed with the effort.

“Good,” the voiced boomed. “Now, I want to ask you if you are ready to cooperate. It would make your time here much easier if you decided to cooperate.”

Swallowing, Yohji let his mouth fall open. “No,” he managed quietly.

“That simple, is it? One word and your existence becomes a living hell.” The voice sounded smug, almost pleased.

Yohji’s mind reeled as it tried to contemplate the meaning of everything. Someone was asking him to cooperate. He had said no, as he always would. The person was threatening to make his life a living hell. He was trapped and couldn’t get away. His body was betraying him.

The voice laughed. “Something wrong?”

Something sure as hell was wrong. He was supposed to be somewhere now. Yohji shouldn’t be here, his whole body screaming with pain. He should be at home, in bed, curled up with Aya after a lengthy apologizing session.


Yohji let his head fall back down, relaxing as best as he could as he thought about the other man. Aya had said no. He had left. There was a car as he walked back towards Tokyo. He’d gone to the vehicle. A pretty woman. Then the syringe. “Shit...” he murmured.

The voice laughed again. “Finally realizing your situation? Well, we’ll give you some time to think your cooperation over again.”

Footsteps coming down metal stairs echoed in the dark room. Yohji peeled open his eyes again and looked up as those steps sounded across the room. He wanted to get a look at this disembodied voice.

He didn’t.

A sharp pain covered the right side of his face and his mind exploded into a volcano of pain. He closed his eyes again as the pain seared through his already abused muscles.

The world went dark again.


“Aya-kun.” Omi pushed open the door to his teammate’s room. The first thing he noticed was that the room was dark even though it was mid-afternoon. The heavy curtains that Yohji never drew closed unless it was the dead of winter were covering the windows. “Aya-kun?”


Omi walked around the far side of the bed to see Aya seated on the floor. There were books scattered all around him. “I have a location.”

The tracer hadn’t worked since he activated it the yesterday. The signal wasn’t strong enough to get past the storm that had settled in. Luckily, the storm had passed an hour ago.

They’d given Yohji two days.

And Aya had only gotten colder and isolated himself. He hadn’t left Yohji’s room more than once or twice since he entered it the other night. And then, it had only been to the bathroom and back. Every time someone else had tried to get him to leave, he had told them to go away or simply hadn’t answered.


Omi almost shivered at the icy words. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a slip of paper and a folded map. “Here.” He handed them to Aya and watched as he studied the map.

“This is on the road to the restaurant we went to that night.”

Nodding, Omi fidgeted with his hands. “I’m not getting a pulse.”

“Get your coat.” Aya pushed himself to a stand.


The possibility that Yohji could be dead was something that Aya wasn’t even considering. Omi told him there wasn’t a pulse from Yohji’s tracer but that didn’t mean anything to him. There had been times when the tracers had malfunctioned before. Manx hadn’t come through with the better equipment yet.

“There.” Omi motioned up ahead, slightly off the road. He clutched a palm pilot in his hand.

Aya slowed his Porsche and stopped it on the side of the road. He jerked the parking brake up and was out of the car before Omi had his seatbelt unbuckled.

“Aya-kun!” Omi called and hurried out of the car after his friend.

He searched the side of the road, completely ignoring Omi. Yohji’s tracer was around here somewhere. The signal had led them here so the tracer had to be here. With or without Yohji.

“A few feet from here...” Omi murmured, glancing up from his palm pilot.

Aya searched the brush and finally saw the small section of fence. A piece of cloth that looked like a jacket was draped over it. Not saying a word, Aya walked over and picked up the jacket.

“Yohji-kun’s jacket?”

Omi only received a single nod as a reply as Aya turned the saturated jacket over in his hands. He put his hands in the pockets, finding Yohji’s cellphone. Aya searched the inside jacket pocket and pulled out the small tracer. Yohji hadn’t put it on that night, probably thinking he’d not have any problems. “It’s been here through the storm.” Yohji’s phone was almost wet enough that it wouldn’t work.

“I’m sorry,” Omi whispered.

Aya turned a cold glare to the youth, knowing exactly what he was apologizing for. Omi hadn’t trusted Aya’s judgment when he knew there was something more than Yohji just going out. He clutched the jacket to his chest. Yohji was gone.

Dropping his eyes, Aya searched for any signs of struggle but found none. The rain had washed everything away.

Yohji was gone.

Walking back to the Porsche, Aya was angry and hurt. This was his fault. If he had never said no then there wouldn’t have been any reason for Yohji to leave like he did. Then again, this could still just be Yohji pulling a disappearing act. Aya doubted that despite Ken and Omi’s willingness to believe it.

Aya slid into the driver’s seat, sitting there for a few moments just holding Yohji’s jacket to him. He reached behind him as Omi opened the door to place the jacket on the back seat. “I don’t want to take any missions.”


Aya turned an icy look to Omi’s surprised features. “You heard me.”

“You can’t say that. Just because Yohji’s run off, you-“

“He hasn’t just run off,” Aya snapped. Yohji wouldn’t do that to him. He was sure of it.


“Ryo, have you thought over your cooperation?”

Yohji had been awake for at least an hour. His mind was clearer although his body still ached. He could move but his restraints prevented him from doing much more than weakly supporting his weight and moving his head.

“Not going to answer? Then we’ll just assume it’s a no.”

Like hell he was going to play this bastard’s game. He couldn’t see in the room still but the smells reminded him of someone’s home. That narrowed down his captors. It wasn’t Esset or any of the other agencies that Weiss dealt with. His captor didn’t really seem to know who he was.

“Well, this will have to be done the hard way then.”

The sounds of footsteps echoed across the room. Yohji still hadn’t seen his captor. The room was kept in an inky darkness that barely allowed him to see a few inches in front of him.

“Let’s see how you look.”

Fingers trailed over Yohji’s cheek and he jerked violently away only to hear a soft laugh. He tugged at the restraints on his arms. The chains rattled but still held him with his arms over his head. The fingers dipped lower, brushing over Yohji’s abdomen.

As Yohji attempted a weak backpedal, the voice laughed again. He seemed amused over Yohji’s clumsy struggling. “You’ll be delicious to break,” the voice murmured.

Yohji stiffened at the words, expecting to hear them from someone like Schuldig. The little that Weiss knew about Schwarz flashed through his mind. It didn’t seem right. The man wasn’t reacting to the thoughts in his head. “Fuck you,” Yohji hissed.

Footsteps sounded away from Yohji and he took a deep breath. Maybe he was going to be left alone again. Then, he could figure out how the hell to get out of this.

Lights flashed on, focusing on him. Yohji blinked, trying to get his eyes to adjust as fast as they could. He looked down and felt hands on his abdomen. They tugged at his dress pants, stripping them down and away before he could see more than the blurred shape of hands. He couldn’t see shit.

“Nice tone. You work out, don’t you?” The voice was beyond the light, circling. “A natural blond. Nice skin, although those scars put your value down some but some people like that kind of thing. Character, they call it.” The footsteps stopped directly in front of him. “You’re big. I bet you made Aya very happy.”

Yohji glared at the voice. He was being looked at like a piece of meat. Just like he had looked at so many bodies all those nights ago. It was like karmic retribution.

“That tattoo is going to have to go. ‘Sin. When you gonna to learn?’ Interesting. Still, we’ll have to take it off.”

There were only a few ways Yohji could think of to get his tattoo removed and none of them were cheap. His tattoo was not coming off in any pleasant way.

“I think we are going to have to remove it with something sharp. You’ll have a scar but I think that tattoo is far more ugly.”

Yohji suddenly felt queasy. He was going to have his tattoo cut from his skin. “N-no,” he whispered.

“No? I don’t think you have any say in this. You are mine.” The voice gave a chuckle.

The sound of feet tracking up stairs and a door slamming let Yohji relax, even if only for a few minutes. They were going to cut off his tattoo. He would bet that there would be no anesthetic, nothing to dull the pain of steel carving his flesh.

Yohji wished that he had never had that fight with Aya. He even wished that he never came up with the idea for the apartment either. If he’d have left things as they were, he was sure he wouldn’t be here. Yohji would have been at home, curled up in bed with his beautiful lover. “Aya,” he sobbed softly.

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