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20 March 2008 @ 12:44 am
Learning Curves: Lesson One - X-Force - PG13 - 1/?  
Title: Learning Curves: Lesson One
Fandom: X-Force
Rating: PG-13
Any Warnings: m/m relationships
Word Count: ~500 words
Summary: Shatterstar has a lot of things to learn.
Author's Notes: Another older repost. I really don't think these ended up anywhere but on one site. There are 2-3 so far. This is the first in a short series of fics. The challenge was to write a 500 word fic with learning/teaching being the topic. Each of these chapters is 500 words, being separate fics on their own. The final one will equal the number of words in the other chapters.

Fingers danced over flesh darkened from heredity and desert sun. They played over toned muscles, tickling the skin. Smiling as Julio twisted away from the caresses, Gaveedra leaned forward on his free hand. Then Julio finally laughed and the deep laugh was music to Gaveedra’s ears.

“Stop, mi amor!” Julio laughed as he batted the other man’s hands away. He slid back, jeans dragging in the dust.

Gaveedra pursued, crawling forward to spread his hand flat over Julio’s bare torso. “No. I do not wish to stop.” He gently caressed the Mexican’s taut stomach. Silver eyes watched the other man as his laughter quieted.

Still smiling, Julio brought up one of his hands. He shifted his weight to one elbow and gently brushed the other hand down the side of Gaveedra’s face. The hot sun beat down on them. The rays danced through Gaveedra’s red-blond hair, highlighting the varying colors. Julio reached for the wavy locks, combing his fingers through the silky ponytail. Bright, dark eyes searched silver for a moment before he shifted so his face was closer to his friend’s. “Then don’t.”

Puzzlement flashed in Gaveedra’s eyes. He let his fingers trail over Julio’s abdomen again. He stopped at the waistband to Julio’s jeans, his eyes never leaving his friend’s dark eyes. “Never.”

Julio leaned up, pressing his lips against Gaveedra’s. His eyes closed as his lips hesitantly worked over Gaveedra’s unyielding pair. Pulling away, Julio leaned back on his elbows. “You’re supposed to kiss back, Gav.” He wasn’t angry or upset, just patient.

A light brush crept over Gaveedra’s cheeks. He sat back to pull away from Julio, embarrassed. “I am sorry, Julio. This continues to happen despite my desire for...”

“Gav.” Julio reached for his arm, stopping him from running again. “You can’t run every time.” He slid his hand up the other man’s arm to cup his cheek as he sat up. “Just try it. I promise you’ll enjoy it, mi amor.”

Gaveedra nodded his agreement to give it a try. He sat back on his heels, brushed the dust off his hands and waited for Julio’s instructions.

Taking a deep breath, he slid closer. “Ok, so you tilt your head, a little bit, then you lean in close.” Julio mimicked his own instructions. “Then you can close your eyes, or not, and you just... kiss.” He stopped just before the last part, making sure Gaveedra understood.

The brush of lips was unexpected at first, Gaveedra still following Julio’s instructions although Julio himself had paused.

Gaveedra’s hesitant kiss had surprised Julio but, he took charge of the awkward embrace and coaxed Gaveedra into a sweet kiss. They pulled away from each other, Julio a little excited at the fact that they finally kissed.

“You were right, Julio.” Fingertips were pressed to Gaveedra’s lips, still savoring the feel of Julio’s lips.

Julio smiled and scooted closer, wrapping his arms around Gaveedra’s bare waist. “It gets better.”

Gaveedra tilted his face to Julio’s. “Then teach me, Julio.”
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