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29 July 2008 @ 08:37 pm
Save a Life, Lose a Life - X-Men - PG - 1/1  
Title: Save a Life, Lose a Life 1/1
Fandom: X-Men
Rating: PG
Any Warnings: A little violence, Vernacular
Word Count: ~437 words
Summary: A short written from Gambit's point of view in vernacular.
Author's Notes: Another repost. This was originally written for a class in high school. (That was a looong time ago...) It turned out pretty well, I think.

I ne’er knew dere were so many t’ings a man could find in one place. Dat was befor’ I found my way t’Vegas.

Kord hadn’ been gone for a week when I lef’ for the city dat nev’r sleeps. The place provided all de distraction I could use. Wine, women, endless nig’ts, and not’in’ t’keep me from doin’ what I please. And evert’in’ was goin’ jus’ fine until de mornin’ I was headin’ towards my hotel after walkin’ aroun’ all night long.

De alley was dark, bu’ I could see dat dere was some trouble brewin’. A woman yelled as she kicked out, but her at’acker was too much for her. I couldn’ help myself. A fire escape was nearly one story up, bu’ I made de jump widout a sound. An arced for’ard flip let me land in de alley, behind de violence. I clutched my staff, it no’ yet extended t’any use. “Leave de lady alone, mon ami.”

The dark haired woman flickered her gaze t’me. I had seen her jus’ de day before. The man let ou’ a bitter laugh. Apparently, he didn’t take my warnin’ seriously. Two playin’ cards were in my free lef’ palm before I flicked dat wris’. T’explosions of ligh’ from de kineticly charged cards threw the man off. The woman kicked out, sendin’ her captor t’his knees as de dust cleared.

I moved in closer. The woman was backin’ away from the man, who was standin’ again. “I said, leave de lady alone!” Wit’ de staff extended, I brough’ de cold metal to kiss the man’s cheek. He grunted and crumpled back to de ground. Supposedly ou’ cold.

I glanced at the women, befor’ makin’ my way past her to leave de alley. The staff was returned t’ its place in my coat pocket.

“Wait!” de girl cried before catchin’ up t’me. “I owe you my life. My name’s Alex.” She paced me.

I shook me head at her. “You don’ owe me a t’ing, cherie.” I paused for awhile den, before decidin’ it may no’ be dat bad t’give her my name. “Remy. Remy LeBeau.” I wouldn’ say anot’er word after dat. She turned back soon after, t’get her bag.

It took me a few moments t’figue ou’ dat I was goin’ de wrong way. I turned back, retracin’ de path I had jus’ covered. De alley was one of de t’ings I had t’pass again. My gaze moved to de dark area and I saw a bag layin’ in de dust. Signs of a second struggle were presen’.

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