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04 January 2008 @ 11:48 pm
Containment - Weiss Kreuz - R - 6/7  
Title: Containment (6/7)
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: R
Any Warnings: mention of torture, foul language, m/m relationships
Word Count: ~3855 words
Summary: Yohji and Aya are trying to sort out their lives when the unthinkable happens.
Author's Notes: I started this four years ago so pardon the style of some of it. I've changed since then. I finished the last chapter last year then managed to lose the notebook it was in. This thing has been bugging me ever since. Well, it's finished now. And here it is.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

The mission was to go in and take out the target. It was simple, yet at the same time it wasn’t. The problem was the situation. Aya had the mission file spread out over his bed. He was just staring at the paper that detailed his part in the mission.

He would get to take out the target. Ken would be keeping Aya’s exit open. Omi would be their eyes. It was standard for the team, except for Aya not having Yohji there to watch his back.

Another thing Yohji wouldn’t be there to do anymore. Aya sighed and tired to pull his mind away from his former lover. He wouldn’t get anywhere making himself upset again.

Aya picked up the paper he had been staring at and read it for about the eighth time. He didn’t know how he was going to pull it off. How was he supposed to act like he was interested in the flesh trade? Manx had given him details on his part of the mission, probably knowing that he was the only one on the team that could handle the part. It would have been better suited to Yohji and his charm. Aya was going to have to play the part colder, more private. It would make things more difficult.

He reached for the map of the building, pushing the other papers off of it. There were only about four direct ways in and out. Two were for the traders. The other two were for ‘pick-up’. Their target would spend some time backstage, close to the ‘pick-up’ exits. Aya would get at least one shot at the man in private before he would have to take care of him in the crowd.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, he took his reading glasses off. The mission was tomorrow night.

Aya returned the papers to the messy pile on his bed. He was tired and angry. Angry at his lack of strength. Angry at his heart. But, the one thing that he couldn’t be angry at was Yohji. Aya still held onto the idea that none of this was like Yohji. It wasn’t like him to disappear for this long without contacting them. Aya knew someone had caused this. Someone had taken or detained him.

He set his reading glasses on the bedside table and stood up. Even though he was tired, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep. He was too angry. Instead, Aya needed to do something to blank out his mind. He didn’t want to think. Quickly, he changed into some loose fitting exercise clothes and grabbed his katana. He hadn’t been through his katas in a few weeks. They provided an escape, and focus, for him that he so desperately needed right now.



Yohji blinked in the light and slowly sat up. While appearing to be asleep, he hadn’t been. Sleep found him assaulted by memories that he couldn’t deal with any longer. He looked at the doctor then averted his eyes in simple fear. He submitted.

Hours before, the Doctor had drugged him. When Yohji had woken up from his dreamless sleep, he had found himself in a cage. Fear had gripped him, briefly, then he had settled down. He was reigned to his fate; being sold and passed around.

“Don’t sit there. Stand up.”

Yohji complied and let his gaze briefly pass around the room. Old habits die hard. He still felt the urge to know his surroundings yet, now, he didn’t mark the exits in his mind. He only saw the other people in the same situation as himself. A small, dark boy, a young, too thin woman, a girl probably eight years old, and others. He couldn’t look at the rest of them after awhile. They only made his situation seem more hopeless.

Hopeless because he wasn’t alone in this horrible world.


Finally having his fill of watching Ryo lose hope again, the Doctor walked off to socialize. As he passed the various displays of flesh, he gave them casual glances. He wasn’t interested in any of them. For him, it was the feeling of breaking someone. Once he had broken someone, he no longer wanted them around.

“Tanaka-san, it’s a pleasure to see you again.” The Doctor smiled and shook the small, round man’s hand. Everyone knew Tanaka was yakuza. “Have you been to see the merchandise yet?”

Tanaka shook his head. “I’ve just arrived. Sadly, they seem to have some problems tonight.”

“Really? That is strange.”

“They were dragging someone out just a few moments ago. He had the most beautiful, pale skin...” He started towards the rows of cages. “I think they said he was a police officer.”

The Doctor walked with Tanaka down the rows. He was entirely confident that he had contributed one of the better pieces for auction. “Are you bidding tonight, Tanaka-san?” He wasn’t worried about the officer. Uninvited guests rarely said anything about their visits.

“Possibly. I haven’t seen anything worth my time yet.” He continued on, barely glancing at the eight year old girl and completely ignoring the young woman. When he stopped, he stopped in front of Yohji. “Now, this one. He might be worth my time.”

“Ryo.” The Doctor smiled as Yohji turned to him. “I enjoyed breaking him.”

Tanaka glanced at the proud man then back to Yohji. “He certainly is beautiful. The hair might have to be shortened, but otherwise he is perfect. Nice skin tone. Well endowed.”

The Doctor watched Yohji, pleased that Tanaka would want his little project. Tanaka excused himself and walked to speak to someone else. The Doctor didn’t seem to mind. To have his ‘Ryo’ go to someone like Tanaka would simply boost his reputation within the circle. “I hope your Aya doesn’t mind sharing your body with a man.”


“Abyssinian, security is on edge. Watch your back.” Ken’s distorted voice came over the com unit. He was outside, covering the exit.

Aya turned back to the rows of people. He had to pretend that he was interested in purchasing one of the bodies on display. It made him want to kill every buyer here but, when he took down his target, the entire ring would fall. The target’s associates would make sure their revenge condemned everyone in the room.

He tried to browse the people on display like he would casually browse through a bookstore. Aya stopped at a young woman standing solemnly in her captivity. He attempted to look at her like one of the real buyers would.

The woman was not to his tastes at all. She was too soft, too dark. He didn’t like her so he did what he would do if he didn’t like something in a store. He moved on down the row.

Eventually, he stopped only occasionally and searched more for his target than he pretended to blend in. It was all incredibly unnerving. The rows of cages. The people browsing the merchandise. Aya wanted to find his target as soon as he could. He wanted out.

He turned to skim the small crowd of people greeting each other near the main entrance. Behind him he heard, “I hope your Aya doesn’t mind sharing your body with a man.”

Confused, he turned around. The source of the voice was already moving away, but that wasn’t what Aya was looking at. His concern was more for the person in the display cage.

Tall and lanky, the man hunched slightly. He was turned away from Aya, leaving only his back for Aya to see.

To Aya, it was all familiar. The small, faint scars on the man’s back. The larger scar that was once life threatening. “Yohji...”

The man in the cage visibly stiffened and then turned. He stared at Aya with a mixture of pain and shock on his features. He opened his mouth to speak and then thought better of it. Instead, Yohji simply gave Aya a sad look and turned away.

Yohji’s actions made Aya’s heart fall. He wanted to get Yohji out of there and get him back. Aya tried to walk casually down the rest of the row. It was difficult. Every part of him was screaming at him to go back and free Yohji.

“Abyssinian!” Omi’s voice exclaimed through the ear piece.

Aya touched his ear, pressing a button to let Omi know he was listening.

“The target’s moving towards third mark. Where are you?”

A murmur started up around him and everyone started to drift towards where the auction would take place. People appeared and started taking the merchandise into the backstage area.

Ignoring Omi’s questions, he turned to see someone approaching Yohji.

“Abyssinian, the target’s moving backstage. Take him out.”

As Omi’s voice crackled out, Aya spared a glance for Yohji before making his way towards the backstage. He slipped through the door and quickly located his target heading towards some backrooms. A pair of guards met him at the doors to the backrooms.

Aya produced a gun and silencer from his jacket. He discreetly screwed the silencer onto the barrel of the gun before pushing through the doors into the backroom. The guards turned slowly, half expecting him to be a staff member. Aya didn’t give them a chance to react. He fired three times as soon as he located his targets. Both of the guards fell almost instantly and lay like discarded toys on the floor.

Tanaka stood back up from where he had stooped to pick up his dropped handkerchief. Aya’s shot had barely missed the man. It was chance that he had dropped his handkerchief then. It took him a moment but he did notice the bodies of his guards on the floor.

“Damnit,” Aya hissed. Missing the target did not fair well with his already ragged temper. As Tanaka turned to locate his attacker, Aya fired again at the man.

The bullet slammed into the man’s side, twisting him around to face Aya as he tumbled backwards. Aya stepped forward and fired twice into the fallen man, finishing him off. “Bastard,” he mumbled. He tapped the switch on his com unit behind his head. “Target down.”

“Alright, Abyssinian. Siberian has your egress route clear.”

“No.” Aya watched the doors, daring someone else to walk through.

“What?” Omi sounded confused.

“Get the van as close to the exit as possible.” He switched off the microphone of his com unit and headed back through the doors.

“Abyssinian, wait. What are you talking about? Abyssinian?”

Aya ignored Omi and surveyed the situation. He had to get Yohji out. If he left him behind, he wouldn’t forgive himself.

There were a few sleazy workers bringing the merchandise in, lining them up for auction. Aya knew he couldn’t slip in with them. They all knew each other; evidenced by the way they kept up a friendly banter.

One of the workers pushed Yohji in. He was crouched in the bottom of his cage, his arms wrapped around his knees. Aya glanced at the entrance and moved. He didn’t think or prepare, he just moved.

The worker walked out of the room, whistling as he went. Aya produced a set of lock picks from his jacket. He made short work of the lock and swung open the door. “Yohji.” When Yohji didn’t move, Aya tried again. “Yohji, we have to leave.” He reached inside and put his hand on Yohji’s wrist.

Yohji flinched violently and looked to Aya with horror in his eyes. He started shaking his head. He was mumbling something that Aya thought was Yohji reassuring himself that Aya really wasn’t there.

They didn’t have much time so he had to risk Yohji panicking.

Aya reached for Yohji. He felt sick when Yohji flinched again, but he didn’t back off. He partially climbed inside the cage and knocked Yohji out with a swift blow.

Once Yohji slumped into unconsciousness, Aya pulled him out of the cage enough that he could get his coat around him. Then, Aya picked him up. Yohji was much lighter than he remembered.



“Is the van there?”

“Yes, but what-“ Aya ignored Omi’s question and hurried towards the backrooms.

He made it out without incident only to meet a livid Ken at the van. “What the hell do you think you are doing? You could have been caught. And who the fuck is that?”

“Yohji.” Aya brushed past him to climb into the open van door.

“What? You can’t be serious!” Ken climbed in and slammed the door behind him.

“Go, Omi.” Aya settled into the large backseat. He managed to arrange Yohji comfortably on the seat with him.

“You’re serious...” Ken stared wide-eyed at Yohji’s face. “How?” He shook his head and stopped speaking when Aya motioned for him to not ask questions.

“Aya-kun? What’s going on?” Omi’s voice echoed back from the driver’s seat.

Ken climbed into the passenger seat. “He found Yohji.”

“What?!?” Omi turned to Ken and stared at him in disbelief.

“Watch the road!” Ken gripped the arms of the pilot chair.

Omi turned his attention back to driving. “Is Yohji-kun ok?”

“I don’t know.” Aya’s deep voice drifted from the back. “Have Birman meet us at the Koneko with Kritkir’s doctor.”


Birman wrapped her arms around her midsection. She could only imagine what had been done to Yohji. Kritkir’s doctor, Kikuchi, had to knock him out with drugs so that he could even examine him. She’d gotten the mission report from Aya. He let her know where he found Yohji and that he thought Yohji’s captor hadn’t known who he was. They would have to ask Yohji to make sure.

The door to Yohji’s room opened and Kikuchi came out. Aya appeared moments later. He stood in the doorway, obviously not wanting to leave Yohji.

Dr. Kikuchi adjusted his glasses. He glanced behind himself to Aya then focused on Birman. “Well, he’s malnourished but not by much. He’s lost some muscle mass since I’ve last examined him. There are also some more recent scars.” He glanced into a small notebook. “There is some evidence of torture. Burn marks from shock therapy. His right arm is scarred, like a drug addict’s. I took some blood to see if I can tell what kind of drug therapy was used on him.” Kikuchi paused. “There is some bruising, like he’s been beaten. I would also chance to say that he has been psychologically tortured. I’m going to recommend a psychological evaluation.”

Birman nodded. “Thank you, doctor.”

The man turned around to Aya. He handed him a little bag of fresh needles and a little bottle. “Give him this if he becomes unmanageable. Otherwise, he’ll probably need sleeping pills from time to time. Do not leave him alone until Kritkir’s psychologist clears him.”

Aya nodded and watched the doctor leave. He promised Birman a full, detailed report. Aya would ask Omi to hack Kritkir’s database later.

Birman walked past Aya. She hadn’t seen Yohji since Aya had found him. Walking into the room, she walked to the side of Yohji’s large bed. He was still out from Kikuchi’s drugs. “I’m sorry we didn’t look harder,” she murmured as she brushed some of hair back from his face.

Setting the needles and bottle on the dresser, Aya watched Birman. He knew that Yohji’s disappearance had affected them all but he was surprised to see that it affected Birman. To him, she had always been an ally, one of Kritkir’s employees, and Weiss’s liaison. He’d never really thought to add friend to that list but that was exactly how she was acting. She was a concerned friend of Yohji’s. It was strange what unexpected situations revealed about people.

“I’ll contact Kritkir’s psychologist and have him sent over in a day or so.” Birman laid her fingertips on Yohji’s cheek then drew them away. She turned for the door, pausing in the doorway as she went out. “Take care of him.” Then she was gone.

Aya walked around the bed to the far side and sat down. Yohji shifted slightly but remained out. As Aya watched Yohji, a sense of relief washed over him. Yohji was finally back and safe.


Yohji opened his eyes and found himself staring at the ceiling, his ceiling. It wasn’t the inky darkness he saw whenever he woke up in the Doctor’s place. This was his room.

His first thought was that all of this must be a dream. There was no way, in his mind, that he could have gotten away from the Doctor. Kritkir couldn’t have found him. All of this had to be a dream.


He looked at Aya and smiled. Just a dream. Yohji reached for Aya as the other man leaned closer to check on him. If this was a dream, he could do whatever he wanted without fear of punishment.

Yohji slid his hand around the back of Aya’s neck, tangling his fingers in Aya’s hair. No fear; he was going to do what he wanted and Aya was exactly what he wanted. He tugged Aya down on top of him, ignoring the sound of surprise the other man made. Yohji kissed him.

Just a dream, but it didn’t feel like just a dream. The Aya in his arms felt different. The Aya finally kissing him back with an aching need felt real. Too real to be just a dream.

He reeled, pulling back from Aya. Fear seared through him like passion should have been at that moment. Yohji scrambled away from Aya, tumbling to the floor when he reached the edge of his bed.

This wasn’t happening. Yohji didn’t know what to do. That couldn’t be Aya. This couldn’t be his room. He scrambled back into the corner.

“Yohji, it’s ok. It’s me. It’s Aya.” Aya crawled over the bed as Yohji continued to retreat.

“No... no.” Yohji shook his head and curled up in the corner, accidentally kicking over his floor lamp in the process.


The floor lamp crashed to the floor and the bulb shattered. Aya watched Yohji jump at the sound and try even harder to crawl back into the corner.

“Yohji.” Aya climbed off the bed and made a move to go towards Yohji’s side.

“No... please...” Yohji whispered. He was shaking.

Aya stopped and sat down on the edge of the bed. He’d gotten Yohji back only to find out that he’d been damaged. He carefully stepped over the glass and went to retrieve the drugs. Knocking Yohji out seemed like the best option he had.

It took some time but he finally got the drugs into Yohji and him back on the bed. He cleaned up the glass from the bulb and righted the lamp before going to find his phone.

He dialed Birman’s number and told her what had happened, convincing the woman that the psychologist needed to be there tomorrow. She agreed and hung up with a promise to bring the doctor the next day.

Aya returned to Yohji’s room and slumped into the armchair Yohji kept near the window. Tough times were ahead. Aya wondered if he was strong enough to handle it.

“Ran!” Aya-chan whispered loudly as she poked her head into the room. “Is it really him?” She pushed the door open a little bit further, trying to peer around the edge of the door.

“Yes.” Aya stood and held his hand out to his sister.

She came into the room, closing the door softly behind her. “Is he sleeping?” she asked, taking her brother’s hand.

“Sort of.” He squeezed her hand and turned to face her. “He’s not like he was before. They... they did things to him.”

Aya-chan released her brother’s hand and walked over to Yohji’s bed. “He’ll get better. He has to.”

Aya shook his head and walked over to sit in the chair again. She hadn’t seen what happened earlier. She hadn’t seen Yohji standing in the cage, looking so different. If there was any of the old Yohji left, it would take a long time to find him.


He looked up to see his little sister standing in front of him. She climbed into his lap and hugged him. “Yohji’s strong. He’ll get better. Believe in him.”

Hugging his sister back, Aya peered over her shoulder at Yohji. “I will.”


Birman sat in the living room, sipping a cup of tea. Beside her, Ken nervously channel surfed through the many stations the satellite television provided. Omi walked back into the room and sat next to Aya-chan on the floor. Both of them had their schoolbooks open, but neither were studying.

Aya was upstairs, sitting outside of Yohji’s room. If the psychologist needed him, he’d be inside within seconds. Otherwise, he was waiting, just like everyone else.

After two hours inside with Yohji, the psychologist walked out of the room. She massaged her temples and looked directly at Aya. “Keep a close eye on him. He’s unstable right now. He’s also not reacting like a normal victim would. It seems that his subconscious knows he’s no longer in danger but his instincts are telling him otherwise. That just means that he’ll probably continue to not let anyone touch him for awhile unless he can work past his instincts. I will talk to Birman about arranging therapy sessions.” With that, she turned and started down the stairs.

All eyes were on the psychologist when she walked down and retrieved her coat. Birman set the tea cup down and went for her own jacket. She glanced at Omi and the two left.

“That’s it? That’s all they are going to do?” Aya-chan glared at the closed door. She slammed her chemistry book shut and stood up. “They aren’t going to tell us anything? What are we supposed to do? Sit in the dark and lose Yohji?”

Omi stood and grabbed her arm. “Aya-chan, plea-“

“No. This is wrong.” She jerked her arm out of Omi’s grasp and ran upstairs for her room.

“Aya-chan!” Omi started after her.

Ken stopped him, having abandoned the remote and his channel surfing when the psychologist came down. “Let Aya handle her.”

Omi sighed and nodded. He put his arms around Ken and they hugged. “I hope Yohji-kun can get past this.”

“Me too.” Ken stepped back from Omi and started to lead the boy into the kitchen. Omi’s cell phone rang.

“Hang on.” Omi hurried over to his backpack and rummaged around inside for the device. “Hello?” He spoke quickly with the person on the other end, scribbling something in an open notebook.

He hung up a few minutes later and turned to Ken. “Well?” Ken asked.

“Birman said they are going to start Yohji’s therapy within a few days. They’ll start with visits here until we can get him out of the house.”

“At least they aren’t waiting to get things started.” Ken disappeared into the kitchen to start dinner.

Omi headed up the stairs to talk to Aya and see what he wanted to do about Aya-chan.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 7
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