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04 January 2008 @ 11:53 pm
Containment - Weiss Kreuz - R - 7/7  
Title: Containment (7/7)
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: R
Any Warnings: mention of torture, foul language, m/m relationships
Word Count: ~3017 words
Summary: Yohji and Aya are trying to sort out their lives when the unthinkable happens.
Author's Notes: I started this four years ago so pardon the style of some of it. I've changed since then. I finished the last chapter last year then managed to lose the notebook it was in. This thing has been bugging me ever since. Well, it's finished now. And here it is.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

“Yohji! It’s almost time for your appointment!” Aya-chan called up the stairs. She waited impatiently for Yohji to come down.

Yohji had been in therapy for about three months now. It had taken Aya a month and a half to get him to go to the doctor’s office. Now, Yohji was driving himself there twice a week. The psychologist said that he was coming along but that they still had a long way to go.

“A long way to go...” Yohji smoothed his hair back into a ponytail as he descended the stairs.

“Took you long enough.” Aya-chan snatched the keys from the table at the base of the stairs and headed towards the garage. They still weren’t allowed to leave him alone. Most of Weiss didn’t seem to mind, except for Ken when he’d rather be outside kicking a soccer ball.

Even though Omi and Aya-chan were always ready to ‘baby sit’ him, it was Aya who amazed Yohji. The man was always there, exhausted or otherwise, keeping an eye on him. Every night, Aya was on the floor beside his bed. When Yohji had a nightmare, it was Aya who was there when he woke up, passing on soothing words and offering Yohji something to ground him to reality. It helped. Aya helped.

Sometimes, Yohji complained about never being left alone. The others all gave reasons of the doctor’s orders. Aya didn’t offer any reasons. He just stayed nearby, silently. Only once did he say anything when Yohji was yelling about not having a moment of privacy. He told Yohji that he could pretend that he wasn’t there.

That had shut Yohji up pretty quickly. He felt guilty about yelling, realizing what Aya was doing. He apologized to the other man and said that he’d rather not pretend Aya wasn’t there. Yohji didn’t think he could do that.

“You are going to be late!” Aya-chan jingled his keys and led the way into the garage. She opened the car, climbing into the passenger side. She leaned across and shoved the keys into the ignition.

Yohji slid behind the well and turned the key. He knew he was lucky to have such good friends that were ready to give their all to help him.

The trip to the psychologist’s was short. Aya-chan talked almost the entire time. Yohji gave her a few answers where she expected them but otherwise, he kept quiet. He pulled Seven into one of the empty parking places. When he climbed out, he tossed Aya-chan the keys.

Yohji hated coming here. The doctor always opened up wounds that he would rather have buried. If he kept them buried, then maybe he could pretend like it never happened. If it never happened, then maybe things could return to what they used to be. Maybe, just maybe, Aya would quit treating him like he would break.

Aya-chan touched his arm as he stood on the curb. “I’ll be here when you get done. I’ll be in the bookstore until then. Okay?”

Nodding, he gave Aya-chan a little smile and turned to head into the large building. The man behind the counter glanced up at him briefly then waved him through. Yohji was a regular. Most of the security staff knew who he was so that he didn’t have to pass his identification to them.

The elevator was waiting in the lobby, its cold arms open for him to step inside. He pressed the button for the twelfth floor just as the door slid closed. The elevator hummed as it rose, giving a small, pleasant tone as it passed each floor. Yohji could feel his stomach getting heavier as each tone sounded.

He hated this. He hated walking out of the elevator, his entire body suddenly feeling like lead. He hated the cheery, inviting smile the receptionist gave him as he entered the waiting room. He even hated being told there wasn’t any wait, that all he had to do was go right into the office.

“Yohji.” The woman smiled at him from behind her desk, standing as he entered the room. She walked over to him and extended her hand. “How are you feeling?”

“Okay,” he murmured, not even paying attention to the beautiful brunette and her short skirt, low cut blouse. His gaze never wandered anymore. The only person that his gaze strayed to was Aya. Aya was special. Even then he would find himself looking away in embarrassment.

“Have a seat.” She motioned to a couch and turned to grab her notepad from her desk. “I was wondering if we could start from where we left off the other day?” She seated herself in a large armchair, flipping in the notebook to a blank page.

Yohji nodded and reclined on the couch, keeping his eyes fixed on the ceiling. He couldn’t close his eyes while he was here. Slowly, he started talking; saying things that he knew the woman would want to hear.


Aya shifted the bag of groceries in his left arm, getting a better hold on the brown paper bag. He was planning to cook dinner, although it was not his turn. It was Ken’s turn and the soccer player probably would have tried to get away with ordering pizza again. Personally, Aya didn’t like pizza. It was too greasy. He’d deal with it if there was nothing else to eat, but tonight Aya wanted things to go smoothly. He’d bought enough ingredients to make himself and Yohji dinner and even arranged to get everyone else out of the house.

On the way back to the Koneko, he’d passed Ken. Ken had been on his way to pick Omi up from school like he’d been doing almost every day since Yohji had returned.

Aya set the grocery bags on the counter in the kitchen. He started putting away some of the groceries and leaving out the ingredients he’d need to make dinner for him and Yohji.

Earlier that day, Aya had made a deal with Omi, Ken, and his sister that they would go out to dinner and a movie to give Aya and Yohji some alone time. Ken had been about to protest when both Omi and Aya-chan had smacked him on the arm. They all then promised to stay out relatively late in hopes that it would help Yohji.

He folded the paper bags and put them under the sink. Aya hoped that Yohji would be receptive to their time this evening because there were some things that Aya needed to say. Some of those things Aya should have said a long time ago. He hoped it wasn’t too late.

The rumble of a motorcycle signified the return of Omi and Ken. Aya set the oven to preheat and started working on the dinner he had planned.

“Omi, we’re not going to see some stupid artsy drama. I don’t care what some critic said about it. I want to see something interesting. With explosions.” Ken walked immediately to the fridge and started to search for a snack.

“Ken!” Omi pleaded. “It’s thought provoking.”

“Explosions are thought provoking,” Ken said, pulling out the makings of a sandwich.

Aya ignored their squabble, chopping vegetables and separating them into separate piles. It would be a nice evening without Ken and Omi bickering about nothing. It was all the two of them seemed to do lately. If Ken wasn’t complaining about Omi’s choice in television programs, Omi was yelling at Ken for leaving his sports paraphernalia all over the house. The two of them started this only after Yohji had returned and seemed more settled in. Aya guessed it was their way of showing that things were returning to normal. Aya hoped they were right.

Ken and Omi continued to bicker in the kitchen for a few more minutes before Aya had enough. “Omi, Ken, go fight somewhere else.”

“Sorry, Aya-kun,” Omi said. He quickly helped Ken put away the sandwich makings and ushered the soccer player into another room.

Aya returned to preparing the meal in peace.


Yohji rode the elevator to the ground floor alone. The short elevator ride down and his short walk to meet Aya-chan gave him a few minutes to think.

His shrink seemed to think he was making progress. Yohji knew differently. He’d spent years working for Kritkir, pretending to be someone different every time they sent him undercover. It wasn’t that difficult for him to hide how screwed up he still was from someone that didn’t know him well. The thing that surprised him the most, though, was how willing his teammates were to believe Kirtkir without further investigation. Only Aya kept a watchful eye on him.

He knew Aya cared about him because of his unfailing presence. Yohji was thankful for that, but he wasn’t sure if it was enough. Aya tended to keep a distance, like he was afraid that Yohji was going to disappear again. The old Yohji would have made the first move, but he needed Aya to make that step to bring him back. Yohji needed the intimacy that he so often sought before, but it was almost frightening to him to even try for it now.

“Yohji-kun!” Aya-chan stepped out of the bookstore with a bounce. She smiled brilliantly up at him and moved to step in front of him. It was all Yohji could do not to cringe back.

“Ready to go home?” he asked.

“Yup!” Aya-chan led the way to the car. Yohji followed behind as Aya-chan used the remote to unlock the doors to the car.

Yohji wondered what was next for him. It was obvious that the psychiatrist trips were not working and no one but him noticed. He slid behind the wheel as Aya-chan leaned over and put the keys into the ignition. Yohji started the engine.


“Ran! We’re home!” Aya-chan walked into the kitchen, finding Aya putting something in the oven.

Aya greeted his sister and she excused herself to do some studying before she went out with Omi and Ken. He picked up a rag and ran it over the counter, taking the time to put some spices back in the cabinet. His nerves were on edge.

Behind him, Yohji walked in and quietly closed the kitchen door behind him. He hung his keys on the rack beside the keys to the delivery van. Yohji let out a deep breath. He no longer had to deal with Aya-chan’s rambling. She was a good girl and she tried so hard to help him but Yohji just needed her to stop. She was driving him crazy with all her chatter. Aya-chan thought she could help, but Yohji knew that only one person could. Aya.

His gaze drifted over to Aya’s backside. The other man was bent over, putting something away in a lower cabinet. Yohji could feel his face heating up. He quickly averted his eyes and started for the doorway to the living room. Once, he would have happily walked over and groped Aya just to get a rise out of him. Now, he felt sick at the thought of such a personal touch.

“Yohji?” Aya’s voice stopped him. He slowly turned, plastering a pleasant, nonchalant look on his face. “How was your appointment?” Aya asked.

Yohji gave a shrug. “It was good. She says I’m improving.”

Aya nodded. He hesitated then spoke, “I was thinking we would have dinner together tonight. Aya-chan, Ken, and Omi are going out to a movie.”

“Ah…” Yohji shifted. Aya was being his babysitter again. “Sure.” He gave a little forced smile. “I’m going to go have a bath, alright?”

A rare smile crossed Aya’s face. “I’ll have dinner ready when you are finished.”

Yohji nodded and started up the stairs. He put a shaking hand on the railing and closed his eyes. Aya wasn’t going to take the steps Yohji needed him to. Yohji couldn’t go on in this state. He had horrible nightmares. They took him back to his time with the Doctor. He more often than not woke up feeling dirty. Always, Aya would be there, offering his companionship and compassion. Yohji just needed him to pull him into his arms and hold him until the fear soaked out of him. That never happened.

He started up the stairs again, wandering past the sound of Omi and Ken arguing in Ken’s room. He stopped in Omi’s room, quietly heading to his closet. He pushed open the door and knelt down.

When he came back, Omi had taken away the weapons in his room, afraid that he’d hurt himself in a moment of desperation. Omi locked his watch and his handgun in a metal lock box in his closet.

Yohji fished in his pocket for the lock picking tools he’d taken from Aya’s room a few days ago. Omi had managed to find Yohji’s and took those too. He deftly unlocked the box and flipped it open.


Aya checked on the food one last time before going upstairs. He walked to his room, past the closed bathroom door. Down the hall, he could hear Ken and Omi still arguing about the movie, though Omi was saying something about getting their coats while he ordered tickets.

Yohji had plenty of time to get in the bathtub. Aya could imagine him soaking in the warm water. He wished he could join him and found himself blushing at the idea.

He couldn’t help but blame himself. He reached his room and retrieved the manila envelope sitting on his bed. Opening it, he took out a paper. It was the form Yohji was going to ask him to sign the night he disappeared. He took it over to his desk and retrieved his seal and a pen. He signed the paper under Yohji’s signature and placed his seal beside it.

Aya was ready for this step and he hoped it would help Yohji to get back to a comfortable place emotionally. He also hoped it would extend an offer of intimacy as well.

He started down the hallway, holding the contract nearly folded in one hand. He hesitated outside the bathroom door.

“Yohji..” He knocked on the door, taking a chance. Hearing no reply, he pushed the door open. “I-“ He froze, dropping the contract.

Yohji was in the bathtub, his chin against his chest. He was surrounded by red, red water. One of his arms hung down, lying on the floor in a puddle of red. His wrist was covered in angry, oozing slashes that ran down his hand into a puddle on the bathroom floor. Yohji’s wire ran from his visible wrist and disappeared beneath the surface of the water.

Aya rushed to Yohji’s side, immediately feeling for his pulse. It was faint. “Omi!” he bellowed, standing to grab towels from the linen closet. “Omi!” he yelled again, jerking the towels out of the closet before he fell to his knees beside Yohji.

“Aya?” What’s going on?” Omi asked as he opened the door, his coat already on. “Yohji…” he moved to hurry in.

“Get the wire cutters. Have Ken call an ambulance. Hurry.” Aya started wrapping towels around Yohji’s deeply sliced arms, carefully raising the other out of the bathtub. “Why did you do this?” he whispered. “I just got you back…”

Everything began happening lightning fast. Omi rushed into the room with the wire cutters. He knelt beside Aya and together they removed the wire from around Yohji’s wrists. Ken poked his head in and told them the ambulance was coming and that he was going to meet them downstairs. He was cursing as he ran down the hallway. Aya-chan’s panicked voice and then sobbing came from downstairs.

Aya set about wrapping Yohji’s wrists tightly in towels. He put pressure on one wrist while Omi took to the other. “Don’t leave me…” Aya whispered, closing his eyes tightly.

It seemed like forever before footsteps came pounding up the stairs. Ken was bringing the paramedics. They rushed into the room, sweeping Yohji into their care. Aya backed away as they began to shout things at each other.

Aya’s back hit the wall and he slid down it. One of them was shouting questions at him as they got Yohji’s arms bandaged and prepared to get him on a stretcher. Aya just shook his head, not really hearing the paramedic as they started pulling Yohji out of the tub like a limp doll.

“Don’t do this… Don’t die on me,” Aya whispered as the paramedics started out the door with Yohji.

Omi grabbed Aya’s arm and pulled him up and pushed him down the stairs. “Go with him, Aya. I’m going to call Birman.”

Aya nodded and followed the paramedics out the front door and to the ambulance. Aya-chan ran out with Aya’s coat, tears streaking her face. The paramedics were still shouting at each other, the three of them racing to get Yohji into the ambulance. One of them asked if Aya was coming and he nodded, clutching the coat Aya-shan shoved into his hands. They whisked them both into the back of the truck, telling Aya to sit near the back doors. The driver jumped in and they were speeding down the street in moments.

Clenching his teeth, Aya felt numb inside. He thought of the contract, now lost somewhere on the bathroom floor, probably in a pool of Yohji’s blood. He thought of everything that Yohji had been telling them all. Yohji had been lying, Aya realized now. He could see it and knew that he had been mistaken to believe that everything would go this smoothly. Aya wished things had been done differently.

They pulled up to the hospital and Aya jumped out in time to have the paramedics hurry Yohji past him and through the front doors. Aya followed, only to be stopped by a nurse.

“Prep him now!” a doctor yelled as the doors to the emergency room swung shut in front of him. Aya stared through the tiny windows, lost.

Don’t die on me…



Chapter 6
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