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20 March 2008 @ 12:17 am
Drabbles - Various - PG13 - 1/?  
Title: Drabbles 1/?
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz, Quantum Leap, Saiyuki
Rating: PG-13
Any Warnings: mild m/m relationships, silliness, Rocky Horror
Word Count: ~595 words
Summary: I asked some friends to give me some words and a fandom or pairing.
Author's Notes:Older repost.

Yohji/Aya – Bubbles

Aya stared at the bottle, holding it away from him like it might explode. What the hell was Kudoh thinking? Mr. Bubble? That was a thing for kids.

“Ayan, why are you in the tub yet?” Yohji slid up behind him, sliding his hands over Aya’s bare torso to rest at his belt buckle.

“Mr. Bubble?” Aya asked, tilting his head back as Yohji nibbled up his neck.

“Best bubbles in the world.” Yohji slowly coaxed Aya forward towards the bathtub.

Aya set the bottle on the counter and turned his attention to the mound of suds in the bathtub. He let Yohji undress him and together they climbed into the bathtub.

“Bubbles,” Aya snorted and flicked some of the fluffy whiteness at Yohji.

Yohji smiled as the bubbles landed in his hair.


Goyjo/Hakkai – Cheese

“What the hell is that smell, ‘Kai?” Goyjo leaned over his companion’s shoulder, fighting the urge to hold his nose. He stared at the pieces of yellow, orange, and white.

“Cheese.” He continued slicing little pieces of the dairy product even as Goyjo snickered.

“Smells bad. Why aren’t you throwing it out?”

Hakkai stopped and smiled. “Just try it.”

Goyjo made a face and stepped back from Hakkai. He quickly grabbed his cigarettes and headed for the door. “Yeah, right.” He ducked out the door before Hakkai had the chance to force him into trying a piece.


Quantum Leap – Any Word


“Al! Why am I here?” Sam motioned frantically at his clothes. Fishnets. Corset. Make-up.

“I don’t know. Hang on.” He smacked the hand held device again. “Ziggy!” He squinted at the display.

Someone came running through the door to the room they were in, carrying a feather boa. “You need to get on stage! They are almost to your scene.”

Sam let the girl put the boa on him and start to push him out the door of the dressing room. “Al!” Sam hissed between his teeth.

Al gave the device another smack and peered down at the screen. He stared open-mouthed at the text. “Well… Sam…”

“AL!” The girl pushing Sam just shook her head and pushed him again.

“You are the star in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sam, you are Dr. Frank-N-Furter.”


Yohji – Solace

He stared at the rain falling down in curtains around him. To him, it seemed like the world was echoing his feelings. He was crying, screaming inside.

For some reason, Yohji thought he would never lose him. It was just inconceivable that Aya would die before him. The fiery redhead was far more capable than he was. Yohji just assumed that he would die first.

But, that wasn’t what happened. Aya died first. Aya threw himself after his sister, knowing very well that her body was just a shell. He died for hope. The hope that his sister still had a chance.

Yohji tightened his fist around the earring in his palm. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Asuka… Aya… So many people he cared about were dead. He needed some peace. He had thought Aya was his peace; his solace.

Not anymore.

Aya was gone and Yohji knew he couldn’t do this any more. He couldn’t keep putting on his mask and pretend like he didn’t care. He needed peace.

Completely sober, Yohji walked to the edge. It was slick, but he didn’t care. “Aya…” he whispered to the rain and stepped off.

As he plummeted to the rocky sea, he knew he’d find his peace. He’d find solace in death.
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