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indigoice's Journal

Indigo Ice | Graphics & Fiction by Trinity Bennett
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Graphics and Fanfiction by Trinity Bennett


  • Do NOT take and use icons without credit.

  • Credit either indigoice or lenina in icon comments/keywords.

  • Do NOT repost my wallpaper or icons as your own. Do not upload to any other communities in a group post. Also, no reposting the wallpapers anywhere else.

  • Do not alter icons or wallpapers in any form. If you would like something written on them, ask and you just might recieve.

  • Please comment when taking an icon or using a wallpaper.

  • Do NOT hotlink! All icons/wallpaper in a particular post will be taken down if I find someone hotlinking. Right click, save, then upload the icons to use. For wallpapers, right click, save, go into the folder where you saved the wallpaper and right click on it. Set it to the desktop and you are now using the wallpaper.

  • None of the icons used in my personal journal are for use by other people. Only those icons offered in posts here are for public use.